Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Hi madam and my friend.........
How are you today...
I know all the student at home and stiil holiday....And i hope you all happy alwayz..
Last week I was listened a bbc listening...But I dont't write anynthing or coment in blogger.. Todayt I want write something... I was listened a topic about telephone connecting..
It is conversation between Mr. Michelle and one man... When I listened,I can understand this conversation because they use a simple word.. I also enjoyed it...I also can improve and learn their pronoun...I also need listened carefully and alert....
That's all from me....
Happy holiday to you all and Good Bye...

Sunday, June 24, 2007


assalamualaikum .....madam and my friends

i have chosed a topic about the cooking and food. in this learning talk about the cooking and food by mr. callum and mr. william. they were talked about the how to cook...., how to spell ingredient, recipe and other. this is a bus cooking...

they also have two partner like windy and anita gormac.they also talked about the cooking.windy live in spain.anita talked about her mother. i think, her mother extreme in cooking.

there were also talked about the category of foods like the chiken soup fried of egg and others. there were talked some skill that we should have before cook. i think it also suitable for the person that want to learning cooking.

i think, this learning is good for improve the english listening among the listeners. the language(vocabulary) is not difficult. firstly, i think we aren't understand may be it sound fast.but we must hear this dialuge again and again. so, we can understant what they want to talk about?.......ok.that all from me. ......azmahiyah

hidayah razali~

for task-2....I choose wysiwyg...

A new vocabulary :

1) circumstances is : situations or contexts.
2) an accolade is : praise for or recognition of great achievement.
3) a cross- dressing character is : a female actor who wears a male clothes on
stage, or the other way around.

for madam...thanks 4 everything...I'm sorry 4 everything...maybe sometimes I make a mistakes...and what an important...I love you madam...before I start the class with you...I realy don't like to study an English....Of course for a lecturer to...usually...from primary school to secondary school...I don't like it...but...after I studied with you....It's very different than before...I honest with you...you're the first lecturer in english I LIKE...I love you madam...and I very sad to end the class...I hope we can continue in this blog...assalamualaikum..."halalkan pelajaran kami"...

erm - eiliey

BBC learning english..
i choose the topic "wicked" the vocabulary same the meaning i get in the topic its
wicked means great,good,cool and splendid its also was a bad meaning its evil,cruel, brutal and dangerous..huhuhu. a few word that have a same the meaning its "grown ups" mean "adults", "ambigious" mean "it's not clear" and "a trend" it's mean " perhaps increase or decrease".

Ct Zaharah

Hello friends...
Last week i'm listened BBC learning english about connecting. This is a simple conversation between 2 people. I can catch what they say and iundenstand it. That is not too difficult because they used a simple word. I enjoy with it and i hope you'll so. That for now. See U next time. gud luck for exam......bye

SALAM ::Pijah::A104871::

for task2, i was choose topic" talk about english webcast_food and cooking". The first time i listen this topic , i can't understand what they are talking because the topic is very long. When i read the transcript i can understand about the topic. This topic is about the food and cooking and they talk about the vocabulary in word facts. for example:
  • Food-four letters, three sounds, one syllable, food. what we eat. food is noun and appears in a number of phrases and expressions, not all of which are connected with eating.
This topic, i know news vocabulary such as:
  • enthusiastic: if you enthusiastic about something,you show how much you like or enjoy it by the way that you behave and talk.
  • peckish: slightly hungry.
  • ingredients: the things that are used to make something.

get a life...syazana

a new vocabulary..
widely : to a large extent or degree
dull : lacking interest or excitment
jocular : meant as a joke,humurous and playful
instance : a particular occurrence of that happen often
workaholic : a person who has a story desire to work hard and finds it difficult to stop working
obsessed : to fill the mind of continually so that they can think of nothing else
phrase : a group of words without a verb
decades : a period of ten years
usages : the way in whick words are used in language